Hello friends you need MAKE MONEY from the magical world of Internet.You want to know about the way's to making money from the Internet.Definitely i will help you.
You need mainly two things for making new online success stories One computer and an Internet connection.But i believe that more than you need a mind of hard working and avoid fear about success.Because I believe that there is no way to make money with out hard working and failures.Otherwise stop reading this blog is not for you.Else Ready for making new online success stories.This blog teach you mainly three things.
1.How to make money from a website or a blog.
2.How to make money using sell products and services.
3.How to generate traffic to your Website or blog-This is the main thing.Because traffic means money.

How to make money from a website or a blog

1.Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular method to make money online.In this method your website or blAlign Leftog is a promoter to sell others products.If your visitor buy this product using the links in your website.You got the commission.

You have less risk more than sell a product directly.Because product delivering,payment,client relation ship etc. that type of risks are managed by the merchant directly.You just only a middle man.

There are a lot Affiliate marketing programs are available in the Internet.Most of them are free to use.You select appropriate program's and products compatible with your website.

Eg:You are making a website for students.your affiliate programs contain the products for students.Like books,pen,study materials etc.Videos about make money from affiliate programs visit videos about affiliate programs.

This an example of affiliate program.I introduce three good books for you to about how to make money online.if you buy this books from using this links.I got the commission.

A lot of affiliate programs in the choose appropriate program for your website and ready to make money online.The following links help you to find affiliate programs appropriate your site.

Affiliate program directories:


This sites give information about different associate programs in different areas.So you can chose easily appropriate program in your taste.

List of the most popular affiliate programs in the Internet:

· Commission Junction
Link Share

2.From Different types of Advertisements:

Another most commonly used method to make money online is publish advertisements in our blog or website.Advertisement world of Internet is very big .So we can easily got appropriate advertisement's to our blog or website.

Like affiliate programs most of the advertisement networks are free to join.When you join the network they give a small amount of html or javascript code and you paste this code where did you like to appear the ads.

Most of the advertisement networks programs read our entire website content and give advertisement related to our topic.We got money when the visitor click on the ads or view the ads.

Mainly Three types of advertisements:

  • Pay per clicking advertisement(PPC)
  • Cost per Mille advertisements(CPM)
  • Direct Banner Advertising

Pay per clicking advertisement(PPC):

pay per click is one of the most popular advertisement method in the Internet.When you register ppc networks.They give simple codes and where you paste this code in your blog or website there ppc advertisements appear.Mostly this advertisements related to your website content.

Then the most important question remains how we earn money?

Simple It's name represent it's method of earning.when your visitors click on the advertisement links you got money.When your traffic increases then your earning's increases.

One of the Most popular ppc advertisement network is Google adsense

Google AdSense:

This is a magical program from one of the most successful Internet company google.This program is absolutely free.if you became the part of the google Google Adsense .They provide small lines of paste this code in your website or blog.A lot of programs work behind this code this programs read full content of our website or blog and provide ads relevant to our content.

Our visitors click on this ads google provide a percentage of money what the advertiser is paying for the click.when your earnings reach $100 Google will send you a check.

More about AdSense visit Videos about google adsense from youtube.


Adbrite is another ppc advertising network.The ads do not pay as much as AdSense.But registration process of AdSense have some rules and regulation's such as your domain must be at least 6 months old.some times AdSense band your site to use AdSense.So if you have a new website or a blog not approved an AdSense account then try Adbrite.

Most popular cost per click advertisement networks:

· Google Adsense
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)

Text advertising services:

Text advertising means actual keywords on our website is turn in to underlined adds.When the user click on this we earn per click of text advertising services is less compare to AdSense.But possibility of clicking the ads is high compare to other ppc networks.The number of clicking increases means number of earnings is also increases.

Most popular text advertising services are.

Cost per Mille advertisements(CPM):

This is another good way to earn money online.You get paid according to the number of page impressions.i.e you had displaying 2 banner adds on your website with a cpm $2 per ad.Your page impression is 10000 per day.Means you got $40 a day and $1200 a month.

Earning increases when your website traffic increases.This shows that traffic is the most important factor in making money online.

Cpm rate is depend on different factors such as better advertising network,where ad is to be got approximately $.10-$10 per cpm.

Most popular cost per Mille advertisement networks:

Direct Banner Advertising:

This is the most profitable adverting method than above two.Because we sell ads directly to the clients.That give more money because avoid the commission of the middle persons or the networks.

But spend time to manage ads,sales process etc.Also need good traffic to get good advertisements.

Make money from Paid Surveys and Polls:

some services that will pay you money to run a small survey or poll on your website.You join it in same as to join the advertising networks.You sign up with them and select the kind of polls you you want to run on your site.

They generate some lines of codes and you paste this code's where the polls became appear in your blog or website. Most of these services paid money under a CPM model.

Most popular polls and Survey networks.

Make money by Paid from users:

Some website give some information for free and for detail information they paid money from the users.This another metod for making money online.

For this purpuse you need valuabe information information in your site.Such as athers donot give it as free.

If you are an expert in any subject.This is one of the very good method for make money online.

Make money from Donations:

Some websites make money by recive donations.Some website owners mis use it.

But familare websites like wikipedia make money for it's expenses by reciving donations.They give valuabe conent and the purpose of donation is good.They big amount of money from donations.

Earn Money online from sell product or services:

Above mentioned programs are made money by third party programs such as diffrent types of adds.Another way of make money on line is sell product or services through online.

A lot of people make big amount of money using sell products such as electronic product or sell e-products such as ebooks,softwares etc.

You sell products from your own site or sell product using popular e-commerce site such as ebay or amazon.

If you sell products using your own site.

You will learn what are the different online money payment system.How they use in your site and how they work.more about online money payment systems visit...............

How to sell products using ebay?

eBay Is The Number 1 Online Shopping Destination In The World.On eBay, more than 250,000 new items are listed every day -- and 29,000 new bids are made every minute.Diffrent things like

  • Books
    Laser Printers
    Video Games
    Computer Monitors
    Real Estate
    Vintage Magazines

Sell on ebay every day.You can easily sell your products and make money using ebay.

Steps to sell product on ebay.

1.Sign up for a sellers account on eBay.

2.Locate an item to sell on eBay

3.Take a digital picture of the item you would like to sell.

4.Log on to your eBay account and write a brief but compelling description of the item you are going to sell. Upload the picture of the item you are going to sell.

After above four steps your shop is open 24 hour a day in ebay.Ready for make money using ebay.